Cricova Winery

“Cricova,” deservedly called the “pearl of Moldovan winemaking,” is a unique underground complex known worldwide for its vast labyrinths and excellent wines. The history of the “Cricova” wine production plant begins in 1952. At that time, the Republic of Moldova faced a shortage of facilities for storing and aging wines. After a long search, two […]

Vinuri de Comrat

Official website and tour organization: “Vinuri de Comrat” is one of the oldest wineries located in southern Moldova. For over 120 years, Comrat winemakers have preserved and passed down the classic traditions of making unique southern Moldovan grape wines, which undoubtedly give Comrat wines natural freshness, elegance, and drinkability. Today, Vinuri de Comrat is […]


By the end of the twelfth century, Moldova’s wine industry had become a major sector of Southeastern Europe’s economy. While the whole region has favorable conditions for viniculture, specific areas are especially fertile for growing the most full-bodied grapes. The village of Purcari and the Agon Zograf Monastery vineyards lay at the heart of this […]


The history of KVINT dates back to 1897, when the first rectification warehouse was built and launched into operation on Vokzalnaya Street in Tiraspol. At that time it was specialized in production of 40% alc. vodka from homemade grape wines purchased from the peasants of nearby villages. The production of divins was started 4 decades […]