Hills Near the Village of Văleni

If Lake Beleu can be compared to a precious gem, then Văleni and its surroundings are truly worthy settings. High picturesque hills stretch along the village, especially beautiful at sunset. They are mesmerizing, sometimes resembling Egyptian pyramids, but they hide secrets far more ancient. The hills consist of deposits of sand, clay, and pebbles. The age of these deposits is up to 4 million years. Paleontologists have found mammoth bones and other extinct animals here. Some specimens can be seen in the Văleni museum.

Girlo Manolescu – Tributary of Lake Beleu

Not far from the village is one of the two channels feeding Lake Beleu – Girlo Manolescu. An old wooden bridge spans the channel. According to legend, a path leads to this bridge from Petru Rareș, the son of Ștefan cel Mare, who, according to tradition, loved to rest and fish at Lake Beleu.

Bunica Bate Toba

Another attraction of the village of Văleni is the Bejenaru family, who have been making drums for 30 years. It was Lidia Bejenaru who participated in the famous song “Bunica bate toba,” with which the band Zdob și Zdub visited Eurovision.

Oil Fields Near the Village of Văleni

Finally, many will be surprised by the fact that Moldova also extracts oil… In small quantities, but nonetheless, there are several wells near the village of Văleni. However, this is not something to be overly excited about, as oil extraction threatens the ecological balance of the unique reserve “Lower Prut.”