Перечень рекомендаций при посещении пещеры Сюрпризная
  • Не рекомендуется самостоятельно спускаться в пещеру. Пещера не «туристическая» и нахождение в ней — опасно. Безопасный спуск в пещеру возможен только в сопровождении компетентного человека, имеющего опыт в прохождении пещер.
  • Пользуйтесь адекватной экипировкой во время спуска: комбинезон из прочной ткани, спортивная обувь, каска, налобный фонарь. Всегда имейте при себе запасной свет.
  • В пещере строго запрещено издавать громкий шум, мусорить, курить, употреблять запрещенные вещества, использовать памятник природы как общественный туалет.

Согласно ЗАКОНУ № 1538 от 25.02.1998 «О фонде природных территорий,
охраняемых государством», пещера Сюрпризная является охраняемым памятником природы в категории палеонтологические и геологические памятники природы.

It is located near Dubossary, on the right bank of the Dniester River, 2 km north of the city of Criulana in the forest belt and has been known since the 1970s when it was discovered by amateur speleologists. One of the largest caves in Moldova, after the cave “Cinderella”. The cave has three entrances, two of which are very complex. It was formed as a result of tectonic shifts of the earth’s crust in blocks of sedimentary limestone. It is a network of cracks in the earth’s crust, crevices and cavities up to 5 meters high, up to 1.5 meters wide, which in some places expanded and formed capacious halls (“Golden Ring”, “Elevator”, “Metropolitan”, “Cinema” Etc.), as well as deep wells, sometimes even dangerous ones. Its total length is approximately 1700 m. It is a horizontal cave in two or three levels.

Being a large cave, it maintains a constant regime of humidity and temperature. The average temperature is 12-14 ° C above zero, relative humidity – 75-80%.

The cave is well ventilated, does not contain any gases other than those contained in the atmosphere on the surface.
As in other caves of this type, flora and fauna are not very rich. There are several microcolonies of bats. In addition, several species of invertebrates (pseudoscorpions, arachnids, myriapods, crustaceans, etc.) have been found and recorded.

The cave “Surprise” does not have stalactites and stalagmites, but it has a special sporting interest. Sometimes it is very inconvenient to crawl, and make additional efforts to overcome obstacles. Some narrow galleries strip those who are dressed in too bulky clothes or have many pockets and straps … Also sad is those who slightly exceed the norm in the circumference of their waist – often they can not pass through narrow cracks.

The cave is a real factory for attracting new speleologists. This is an invaluable sports speleopoligon for passing rips, extreme narrowness, and also a simulator in the technique of excavation of blockages, in orientation and topography.

At the same time, the cave has aesthetic significance for its extraordinary landscapes, the expression of the forces of nature. It opens to explore the various sedimentary layers of the ancient sea, which once covered Moldova.

Only in any case, do not go down there alone! Very dangerous!