Virtual tour The “Turkish Garden” Forest

The Turkish Garden is the easternmost landscape reserve in Moldova, covering nearly 224 hectares. The natural area “Turkish Garden” features forest, water, and marsh vegetation, categorized as “forest ecosystems of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur), poplar (Populus alba), and willow (Salix alba) from river floodplains.” Most of the Turkish Garden’s territory consists of the old riverbed of the Dniester River and floodplain forests. Here grow poplars, oaks, ashes, willows, and water chestnuts. Rare and relict plants and animals inhabit the area, including floating water-moss, water chestnuts, redfins, and others, as well as colonies of grey herons.

History of the “Turkish Garden”

The Turkish Garden is one of the oldest nature reserves not only in Moldova but also in Europe. Part of the national park territory has been protected since the 16th century. Some trees here are over 100 years old, with the oldest tree in the reserve being an oak over 280 years old.

According to legend, during Turkish rule, a Turkish camp was located here. The conquerors collected food from the locals and transported it along the waters of the Dniester River. Now, this park is an excellent place for walks, surrounded by the silence of the forest.

How to Get to the “Turkish Garden”?

The Turkish Garden is a protected area located between the villages of Leuntea and Copanca in the Causeni district, Republic of Moldova. It is one of the most beautiful landscape reserves in Moldova, definitely worth visiting.

To get to the Turkish Garden, you can use a car or public transport. If you are in Chișinău, you can take a bus or minibus to Causeni or nearby villages. From there, you can walk or cycle to the reserve. It is important to remember that the Turkish Garden is a protected area, so you should follow nature conservation rules and not leave trash behind.

Visiting the Turkish Garden, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, diverse vegetation, and impressive views of the Dniester River. This place will provide you with unforgettable experiences and tranquility from being in contact with nature.