Virtual tours across Moldova

Moldova is a beautiful country. We want to show you its most interesting places through virtual 3D tours. Sit back and enjoy. You can even put VR glasses on!

Old Orhei

The museum complex Old Orhei is famous for its well preserved cave monasteries. This territory was isolated from the outer world and it is supposed that, at the time when Christians came here, the caves were been already cut in the rocks by prehistoric tribes who had lived in the area.


Located on the bank of river Nistru, near the village with the same name, Tipova is the largest cave monastery of the Eastern Europe. It was founded in the late 6th century. According to the legends, this monastery was the place where Stephen the Great, the most prominent ruler of Moldova, secretly married his fourth wife Mary Voichita.


In a picturesque forest area, called Codrii, only 40 km north-west of Chisinau, is located one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in Moldova – Capriana monastery.

Curchi Monastery

The monastery was built on picturesque hills covered by forest and occupies two terraces. The monastery itself and some outbuildings are located on the upper terrace. On the lower one, there is a stone pond.

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